With our software development skill, we develop web-based application to provide a solution for your organisation so as to gain speed. Meeting user's need with our programming skills is the reason we are here. Providing solutions with our programming skills is the reason why we exist. So, we help to analyse problems, design a solution for it and write series of instructions for the computer to implement the solution using web services. We are not just skillful but we handle every task with the spirit of excellence.

Which system suits?

In providing solutions, there are various kind of system that could be developed for your organisation to gain speed. At Web Tads, we develop the system to suit you, we don't develop system with deficiency and we update our system from time to time so that it can suit you for the season. The following system listed below are the various kind of system that could suit your organisation.

e-commerce System

This is a system which displays several products in various categories for purchase. Each of the product has it own description, price, image etc and a user could add a product to cart for purchase, it sums up products more than one and the user could make the payment with his/her card or pay during delivery.

e-library System

This is a system in which users could register and the registered users could pick a book from the shelf, add it to their library to read or download the book for reading offline. Before reading or download, the user most have make payment. The user could make an annual subscription such that he could download or read any book on the shelf within that year.

e-portal System

This is a school management system which is mostly used in tertiary institutes. It does the registration of student, registeration of courses for each students for each semester and session and keep the scores of each student for each semester and session. It computes the scores and keeps the records for future use.

Why you must have a web app

We can help you develop a system that suits you so that while you sleep, you keep receiving bank alert of transaction made by users. Yours is to keep receiving the credits from the bank and ours is to keep the system working. A system like this will reduce human resouces, no employment of staff or office space.

If you don't have any of the system listed above, it is clear you will need one in the near future. By acting now, you will save yourself, a ton of headaches down the road.

Does that make a good business sense?

Web Tags develop web application. Give us a call if you need moving your website into a web app or developing a web app from the scratch!