Who we are?

Web Tags Ltd is a web technology company that was established to offer web services. With our software development skills, we have all it takes to provide solutions to the difficulties that may be dragging your organization back using web technologies. With the state of professionalism and excellence, we can design a responsive website for your organization and a robustly web application to keep your organization moving.

When it comes to designing responsive website, website that response to all screen devices including television, we take our time using our creativity skills and the state of our professionalism to design a website that meets global standard. Designing mediocre website is the worst thing we can never dream of, we put all of us to give you the best. We are proud of our skills because our portfolio we preach more about us.

Providing solutions with our programming skill is greatest thing we love doing in science and technology. We analysis problems facing organisations, communities, states & countries and we design a system to provide solution to the problem and with our programming skills we develop programs to implement the design

Why Choose Us?

We build relationship with our clients which go as far as being avalaible for our clients whenever they need us.
Having a good content architecture that makes your products/services more marketable to users.
We go as far as we can go to design or develop a website that make our clients global in mindset.
Our website design does not span beyond 10 days and this make us efficient.
When you work with us, you will realise that trust is not a factor.
In spite of our qualities, our prices are affordable.

Our Core Values

Mediocrity will never do. Being capable of doing something better has always been a primary driving force for everyone at Web Tags.

Doing something new is to stop doing something old. Therefore, Web Tags always strives for innovation to discover new and better opportunities that promote an inclusive and sustainable growth environment.

Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. But, Web Tags take a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.

Providing help for you to acheive your objective of being skilfull is what we do at Web Tags and this will make you realize you can live your dream.

A firm who lacks reliability is utterly useless. So, we give all of out best to be trusted, to what is needed and we am not reliable only when it is convenient to us.

Odusanya Sodiq Damilare

Meet the Lead Developer/UI Designer

Odusanya, Damilare Sodiq is a skillful, he is professional in his career and a man wired for excellence. He stated is carrer in Web in the year 2012 due to his passion for computer packages. But, what drives him is to be a solution provider in science and technology and to restructure the education system in Nigeria.

He has celebrated a lot of milestone in his career. He is a UI/Front-end/Website designer, Content Architecture, Back-end Programmer, Database Administrator, Web Graphic Designer and also an Instructor in all that he knows. He has learnt the following courses which are: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, PHP, Laravel, MySql and Adobe Fireworks. He is now learning how to be a wizard in Python.

Educationally, Dare is a product of Abraham Adesanya Polytechnic where he studied computer Science during in OND and he graduated 2012. He is also a product of Lagos City Polytechnic where he also studied Computer Science during his HND and he graduated 2015. Presently, he is running his HND conversion to B.Sc in Crawford University.

Dare has worked for three organisations in the I.T industry. He worked for Web Academy as a Web Instructor where he teaches Website design and Website development, He worked for Magnate Muscles as freelancer and also for Alabian Solution as a frelancer.